Paragliding Schools and Courses

So your keen to get started? Well paragliding isn't as difficult or as dangerous as you might think. Training comes in two parts, the theory, and the practical. Obviously you must start with the theory before you move onto the practical.

There are a few different licences and courses that advance you though the sport, but everyone must start with the BASIC licence.

Basic Licence Course

Each paragliding school has their own way to teach the sport, but the basic order is as follows;


Learn the classroom bassics, what is paragliding? How does it work? What to expect and what to avoid etc..

Ground Handling

This is where the fun begins, learn to pull up your wing and get a feel for how the wing moves around. Any good paragliding pilot will tell you that having confident ground handling skills will make you a better pilot.

The Foofie Flights (1st flight)

When your instructor feels you are ready, he will choose a suitable location where you can have your 1st flight, a top to bottom, nothing fancy, all on radio with constant communication between you and instructor, nice and easy. From that point on, depending on weather and how fast you are progressing with your skills, the rest of the basic licence course will consist of more theory and more practical.

Fly Time Paragliding - Offers a great basic licence course, they follow European standards and have years of experience. - 072 612 8168

Sports Licence Course

After you have past your Basic Licence and your have at least 100 flights, you can look at getting a Sports Licence. This licence will go though more advanced theory that covers meteorology and recovery techniques as well as airspace law, glider design, cross country basics and much more.

There is also a practical part to this licence which covers recovery techniques and other skills tests.

A sports licence will allow you to fly "Sports Licences Rated Paragliding Sites" - as well as fly a higher performance/rated wing.

Fly Time Paragliding - Offers a great Sports Licence Course, they follow European standards and have years of experience. - 072 612 8168

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